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  • Is there anything should - or shouldn't - do before I donate?

    Of course, you should maintain your good general health.  You should not eat very fatty foods or drink alcohol in the hours before you donate.  This can affect both the process and the quality of the plasma.  Make sure you are well-hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices the day before.


  • Should I bring a friend with me?

    You are welcome to bring a friend (perhaps he or she will be inspired to donate!), but there is no need.  You may drive or bicycle as soon as you leave the collection center.


  • What do I need to bring on my first visit?

    On your first visit you will need to bring only your government issued ID card to prove your residency.

  • What happens to the plasma I donate?

    Plasma is the raw material from which Kedrion derives further products. After collection plasma is quickly frozen so it can be safely stored until it is separated into its various components in a process called fractionation. The isolated proteins are refined and processed to create a number of plasma derivative therapies – therapies based on clotting factors, albumin and immunoglobulin - that save lives and enhance quality of life for people suffering from a range of rare conditions like hemophilia and immune deficiency disorders.

  • Who can donate?

    The basic general requirements for donors are:

    • Age - between 18 and 65 years
    • Weight - at least 50 kg
    • General health – good

    You must provide proof of residency with a current government-issued ID card.  During your first visit, you will be given a thorough physical examination by our medical staff and interviewed regarding your past medical history, current medications, travel, tattoos and piercings, and other relevant information.  If the results of the examination, the lab tests and the interview are satisfactory, you may donate plasma during your next visit.


  • Will it make me weak?

    No. In fact some donors report they actually feel better after they donate.  This might be because they feel good about themselves for donating to help others.