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  • Can I donate if I am taking medicine or drug or drink alcohol?

     Our medical staff will determine whether any medicines you are taking will prevent you from donating.  You should not drink alcohol in the hours before donating.


  • Do I get paid to donate?

    No, but you will be compensated for your time and effort.


  • Does it hurt?

    Very little – just a brief needle prick.  Most donors report getting quickly used to it.


  • How do I find the nearest center?

    Plazmaferezis has plasma collection centers in Budapest and Debrecen. To see which one is closest to you and for directions, GO HERE


  • How long does it take to donate?

    Donation generally takes about an hour.  During your first visit, you will be qualified and any questions you have will be answered, but you will not donate.  This might take a little less time.

  • How often can I donate plasma?

    All donations are greatly appreciated.  If you are in good health and are able and willing, you may donate as often as twice per week, up to 45 times per year.

  • Is donating safe?

    Yes. Plasma donation is performed in a highly controlled, sterile environment by professionally trained medical staff. All plasma collection equipment is sterilized and any equipment that comes into contact with you is used only once to eliminate the possibility of transmitting viral infections.  The entire procedure is also monitored by our medical staff.

  • Is the information you collect about me private?

    Your personal information will be kept secure by KEDPLASMA and not shared with others.

  • Is there a recovery period?

    Not in terms of your activities.  Your body will replace the plasma you donate quite quickly, but we require you to wait at least two days before donating again.


  • Is there anything should - or shouldn't - do after I donate?

    It is a good idea to relax, avoid very heavy work and stay hydrated, but there are no restrictions in terms of such activities as driving, working, etc.