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Why donate plasma?

Our commitment at KEDPLASMA MAGYARORSZÁG is to “Keep Life Flowing”, but we could not do that without the selfless generosity of our donors.  It is their gift of life – plasma – that allows us to fulfill our commitment. We convert their donation into medicinal therapies that in turn enhance or even save the lives of those suffering from debilitating, often rare diseases and disorders. For most of these medicines human plasma is the only source; they cannot be replicated in a laboratory. Plasma is uniquely valuable: while a single donation could save the lives of more than 40 babies, it can take a thousand donations to provide the protein therapy required by one person for a single year. A donation might provide vital treatment for burn and shock victims, cancer patients, organ transplant recipients and others with compromised immune systems. Clotting factors derived from donated plasma allow people with bleeding orders like hemophilia to live more normal lives.

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Managing the flow of life from donor to plasma-derived product recipient is Kedrion’s mission and its work. Donated plasma is quickly frozen so it can be safely stored. To derive medicinal products the plasma must be separated into its many components through a process called fractionation. The resulting isolated proteins are then refined and processed to create a number of derivative therapies based on clotting factors, albumin and immunoglobulin from the plasma.  These products save and enhance the lives of people suffering from a range of rare conditions like hemophilia and immune deficiency disorders.

More and more individuals benefit from treatment with plasma therapies, but the demand for additional plasma is always increasing. At  KEDPLASMA MAGYARORSZÁG we are proud to work with our generous donors, who make it possible to distribute specialized protein therapies all over Hungary to help to Keep Life Flowing.