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We use cookies to make our website easier to navigate. Cookies do not record any personal information about the user. Identifying data about the user will not be memorized.


Cookies are small files which are sent out and memorised in the computer’s memory of the websites visited. Cookies are memorised in the file directory of the computer. The next time you visit the website, the browser will read the cookie and retransmit information to the website, or to whoever created the cookie. To learn more about this technology and how it works visit an information website like

Types of cookies

This website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: this kind of cookie is necessary for the correct functioning of the website.
  • Persistent cookies: these cookies are used to collect and analyse movement and use of the website, anonymously. Although they do not identify the user, they can show whether the user has visited the website before and  how often. They also allow monitoring of the system in order to improve performance and usability. These cookies can be deactivated without any loss of functioning.

Third party cookies

When you visit the website you may receive cookies not only from this website but from websites managed by other organisations and through plug-ins.

The presence of plug-ins allows the transmission of cookies to, and from, all the websites managed by third parties. To understand how management of information collected by third parties is regulated, please see the relevant fact sheet. To guarantee transparency and for your convenience we suggest you consult the following websites about use and management of cookies:

Linkedin information:

Linkedin (set up):

Google analytics

This website has some of the components transmitted by Google Analytics, a service that analyses web traffic  provided by Google Inc (“Google”). In this case the cookies are collected and managed in an anonymous way to monitor and enhance performance of the host website (performance cookies).

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect and analyse information about the use of the website, in an anonymous way. This information is collected by Google Analytics, and is processed in order to compile a report for Humann BioPlazma Kft. and Kedrion S.p.A. operators about activity on the websites. The website does not use (or allow third parties to use) the analytic instruments of Google to monitor or collect personal and identifying information. Google does not associate an IP address with any other data it may possess, nor does it seek to relate an IP address with user ID.

Google may also communicate this information to third parties in cases where it is obliged to do so by law, or in those cases where third parties are processing information on behalf of Google.

The user may deactivate the action of Google Analytics in a selective way by installing on his browser the component opt-out, provided by Google. To deactivate the action of Google Analytics go to the following link:

Management of cookies

The user may decide to accept or refuse cookies by using the settings on his browser.

Warning: the total or partial deactivation of session cookies may compromise the use and functioning of websites reserved to registered users. On the other hand, access to public websites is possible even when cookies have been completely deactivated.

Deactivation of third party cookies has no negative effect on navigation.

Settings can be made in a specific way for different websites and web applications. Furthermore the best browsers consent different settings for first party and third party cookies.